Newborn Samuel

Newborn Samuel

These images are close to my heart. Jenna and Bates are dear friends of ours, and I did this short newborn shoot as a prezzie, 24hours after Samuel’s birth, in hospital. It was long ago, as other shoots have been keeping me busy, but still I can feel my throat tighten as I relive that special day. How can one look at these, and not get super excited about a newborn. Our God is awesome. And weaves us together.

If you want to book a short (about 20min, so mommy can get her rest) intimate newborn shoot like this one, shortly after your little one’s arrival, please feel free to contact me for prices. I would be honoured.

Here’s the link to Jenna’s pregnancy


June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-01 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-02 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-03 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-04 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-05 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-06 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-07June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-08 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-09 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-10 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-11 June-Joubert-Gauteng-Photographer-12

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