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Steffan & Elzeth | Delsma Farm, Hermon

    Steffan & Elzeth had the most beautiful weather on their wedding day .. although the rain was looking threatening earlier. I just loved the soft light & clouds. Also they were real relaxed, and has such a gentle but totally fun way with one-another.  I know some of their friends .. and it […]


Robert & Tarryn | Delsma Farm, Riebeek Kasteel

    Robert & Tarryn had a lovely wedding, at Delsma Farm, on which I love to shoot! The landscapes are gorgeous! We had a ball with all the best men and bridesmaids touring along for the shoot in town… this is a fun bunch. Thank you Robert & Tarryn for an awesome day! Baie […]


Charles + Cornel | Delsma Farm | Part 2

    So here is Part2 of Charles&Cornel’s wedding photos. See Part1 here ; and their Engagement Shoot here. (: I know Cornel’s brother well, and was so excited to get booked by them, because I knew they would be nice ;) And they were! Fun, beautiful couple, and the friendliest families to work with. […]


Charles + Cornel | Delsma Farm, Riebeeck-Kasteel

I’ve been enjoying to go through Charles & Cornel’s wedding photos so much, that I’ve ended up with way too many to post. So, here is “Part 1” showing off how beautifully they have incorporated their colour-theme (: Also see everything in pink and blue on their engagement shoot – love it! Click here. And […]


Sean + Lyndi | Goedgedacht, Riebeeck-Kasteel

My first wedding for 2012! And it was HOT! Sean and Lyndi planned their whole summer wedding outside, at gorgeous Goedgedacht on the slopes of Kasteelberg. It was such a treat to have dinner under the stars, with the cool evening breeze – and a beautiful sunset! Sean and Lyndi have been together for 9 […]


Louwritz + Nadia | Het Vlock Casteel, Riebeeck-Kasteel

I met Nadia and Louwritz on their wedding day (: And they were great.(And beautiful)  We had some chill-time at the coffee shops with the best men and bridesmaids.. which was nice to get those lovely feet off heels ;) The reception was at the lovely Het Vlock Casteel, and when I saw Linda Bruyns, I couldn’t […]


Brice + Chrisna | Het Vlock Casteel, Riebeeck Kasteel

  Chrisna went to London, planning to be there for 1-2  years. Just before she left to come back to South Africa for sure, she met Brice, as they were working on a project together. She ended up staying there for 12 years in total! (: Brice is Belgium, and has been all over the […]


Anthonie + Corlischa | Royal Hotel, Delsma Farm, Riebeeck Kasteel

Anthonie en Corlischa is getroud! EN dit was ‘n FANTASTIESE dag! (: They truly had a splendid day, full of love, obviously, but more than normal love.. Friends, family and God, all having a big celebration together, and it was gorgeous! I’m honored to could have been a part of it all.. The ceremony was […]


Warren + Megan | Café Felix, Riebeeck-Kasteel

Just look at this fun and lovely couple! I pray and know that they will be true mates for the rest of their lives! We had a wonderful time running in the fields, overlooking the gorgeous Riebeeck Valley. Also, the decor was stunning! Café Felix already has an inviting atmosphere, and with Megan’s personal creative […]


Giles + Sarah | Goedgedacht, Riebeeck-Kasteel

Giles is originally from New Zealand (and in love with his own camera), and Sarah from South-Africa (en Afrikaans ;) .. They have been living in London for the last 7/8 years, and thought it a good idea to get married in the countryside of our lovely Western Cape; but combining it with a few Kiwi-touches! (Thanks, Goedgedacht, the spitbraai was delicious!!)

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