Philip & Anne-Marie | Brunfelsia, Secunda

Posted by Juné Joubert on January 17th, 2014


Ek sal enige dag een van die Bosch-susters afneem!

A month before Anne-marie’s wedding, her sister (Estelle & Theo) got married .. view their pics here. This time it was Anne-Marie & Philip’s turn. We know Philip and his family well .. as well ;) What can I say .. this was a wedding FULL of stunning people, stunning families, stunning relationships. Ampedness to be a part of such a special day and witness it all. And Anne-Marie’s dad is our vet.. we have visited him regularly last year with our “puppy” Great Dane .. the joke is that we have a good relationship with our vet, but up to this point don’t have a house doctor :| hehe

I loved how different Anne-Marie’s wedding turned out from Estelle’s .. different photos as well .. with their personalities showing off perfectly on each of their days. Both equally fun & amazing. Anne-Marie got dressed in the house they grew up in. We took some lovely photos in their street. Nice sentiment. She saved a little wire-heart Philip gave her much earlier in their relationship, and then little Dawid-Wiese walked down the isle first, to give Philip this heart. He didn’t know it was coming .. and I think it was such a special little surprise .. I LOVED the fact that Anne-Marie could joke around with a whole ice-cream dripping down her wedding gown! Haha! She deserves an award .. The classic Merc is an old friend of the Meyer family & part of loads of Stellenbosch-student-tales .. We took some lovely pics with the kids living close to the venue, as Anne-Marie has a great passion and gift with children .. This couple was excited for all kinds of ideas & it was just lovely shooting them.

VELE dank Philip & Anne-Marie .. julle is ‘n paartjie uit die boonste rakke  (:  Geniet die spesiale herinneringe ..


 Anne-Marie stood on this little bench earlier the day .. only for a moment ;)

friends from Cape Town .. a beautiful (growing) family <3

thanks most-handsome-assistent-ever!


myne ..







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  1. WOWEEEE so so mooi! Joune ook mooi June!

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