Myburgh’s Family Shoot

Posted by Juné Joubert on August 8th, 2013



The Myburgh’s (& Rachel) are … flippen amazing! This family is completely sold out to do the work of Christ, moving exactly where He wants them. And this time it was (again) a physical move to Stellenbosch (: My hubby & I have grown close to them since we’ve been staying in Secunda (their previous home in Standerton (they were pastors there), was just around the corner). We miss them all dearly .. but we’ll stay great buds .. as everyone else who they welcome into their massive hearts, does. We decided to do a family shoot on Elmari’s farm outside of Standerton the week before they left ..  you can understand that they don’t always get to take a picture with all 5 kids present ;) Elmari was so generous, with filter coffee and chocolate muffins at hand & allowing me to cut one of her feather pillows! (ek skuld jou!) Haha what a joy! With this many kids you can see that Anton & Christelle has long ago abandoned all effort to constantly be protective over their every movement .. they are free to run in all directions, wildly spontaneous, and each allowed to have his/her own personality. So much to learn from this couple. They are uncomplicated but intensely in love with our God. Liberated and full of laughter no matter the circumstances. Just love it. Rachel as well, wow what a woman! She’s been a part of their family since their move to Standerton .. helping Christelle with her work & the kids, & simultaneously became like a sister to her. I got to meet Christelle’s parents on this shoot as well – and one can see where she gets her tender heart from..
Ag jinne! kom kuier net so gou moontlik! almal van julle ;)

Horsies – ya’all great too – thanks for creating nice shots! ;)












 oeps …. (:
































 below .. completely their idea .. haha





















 Elmari se huis is pragtig ..






9 Responses to “Myburgh’s Family Shoot”

  1. Ag wow! Soooo mooi! Beautiful Family. Ek wonder hoe gaan arme ouma daai vere van haar rooi baaidjie afkry! :)

  2. Chrisna Viljoen

    Soos gewoonlik, ASEMROWEND mooi! Love hoe jy elkeen se persoonlikheid kon vasvang!

  3. Absoluut fantasties! Special moments need a special person to capture it :)

  4. June, jy raak net beter en beter. Pragtig.

  5. So so mooi Junéker ♥

  6. Wow. Hierdie familie is ongelooflik.

  7. Mary Ann Bosch

    Wow, daar is soveel aksie, liefde, deernis en menslikheid in hierdie foto’s. Jy het n spesiale gawe om die alledaagse lewe vas te vang.

  8. Baie, baie, baie stunning! Sjoe, ekt dit sooooo baie geniet! Almal is pragtig verby!

  9. Naomi POTGIETER

    SPECIAL! WOW!!!!

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