Michael & Suzette | Shabach Farm, Hemel en Aarde Valley

Posted by Juné Joubert on January 20th, 2015



Wat ‘n asemrowende dag! BAIE dankie Michael & Suzette dat julle my gevra het om julle troue af te neem! What a treat.

I think my words are much less important & impactful than the photos, but here’s only a few of the many things that I will remember from this spectacular day:

•A gorgeous bride – obviously! Veil, dress, make-up, pure joyful heart …oh and HAIR!
•Beautiful farm! With the most amazing owners. (They are Michael & Suzette’s dear friends’ parents .. and this will hopefully be the first of many special weddings on their venue. They renovated the barn and open area next to it specially for these two.)
•When a couple love the Lord, and allow His presence to dominate every section of their wedding day, EVERYONE shines with joy & celebration & love. This wedding was a blast from beginning to end.
•Running horses
•Beautiful wedding cake by Lauren, a friend.
•Honouring prayers
•The beautiful idea of lighting as many candles as there are children (now spouses & grand-children included) for the parents.
•An inspiring grand-mother
•Many couples (and friends) I’ve photographed before .. what an honour! (the pic of the cutest little girl is the daughter of a “2010-couple” .. Yandré & Amoné sy is mal oulik!)
•In-love parents of the bride & groom. Both families are special & beautiful.
•Looks like jumping in the water is becoming a ritual ..
•Kief mense!
•A groom who does NOT want the couple shoot to end .. I think Michael wanted to stay out in the fields till he could see stars .. I enjoyed this off course.
•My dear hubby, who is so humble & willing to run around the whole day according to my orders .. dankie lief)

Too much said .. Hope you’ll enjoy every photo..

O-ja! Geluk Michael & Suzette met een maand ;)

JuneJoubert-Photography-001 JuneJoubert-Photography-002 JuneJoubert-Photography-003 JuneJoubert-Photography-004 JuneJoubert-Photography-005 JuneJoubert-Photography-006 JuneJoubert-Photography-007 JuneJoubert-Photography-008 JuneJoubert-Photography-009 JuneJoubert-Photography-010 JuneJoubert-Photography-011 JuneJoubert-Photography-012 JuneJoubert-Photography-013 JuneJoubert-Photography-014 JuneJoubert-Photography-015 JuneJoubert-Photography-016 JuneJoubert-Photography-017 JuneJoubert-Photography-018 JuneJoubert-Photography-019 JuneJoubert-Photography-020 JuneJoubert-Photography-021 JuneJoubert-Photography-022 JuneJoubert-Photography-023 JuneJoubert-Photography-024 JuneJoubert-Photography-025 JuneJoubert-Photography-027 JuneJoubert-Photography-028 JuneJoubert-Photography-029 JuneJoubert-Photography-030 JuneJoubert-Photography-031 JuneJoubert-Photography-032 JuneJoubert-Photography-033 JuneJoubert-Photography-034 JuneJoubert-Photography-035 JuneJoubert-Photography-036 JuneJoubert-Photography-037 JuneJoubert-Photography-038 JuneJoubert-Photography-039 JuneJoubert-Photography-040 JuneJoubert-Photography-041 JuneJoubert-Photography-042 JuneJoubert-Photography-043 JuneJoubert-Photography-044 JuneJoubert-Photography-045 JuneJoubert-Photography-046 JuneJoubert-Photography-047 JuneJoubert-Photography-048 JuneJoubert-Photography-049 JuneJoubert-Photography-050 JuneJoubert-Photography-051 JuneJoubert-Photography-052 JuneJoubert-Photography-053 JuneJoubert-Photography-054 JuneJoubert-Photography-055 JuneJoubert-Photography-056 JuneJoubert-Photography-057 JuneJoubert-Photography-058 JuneJoubert-Photography-059 JuneJoubert-Photography-060 JuneJoubert-Photography-061 JuneJoubert-Photography-062 JuneJoubert-Photography-063 JuneJoubert-Photography-064 JuneJoubert-Photography-065 JuneJoubert-Photography-066 JuneJoubert-Photography-067 JuneJoubert-Photography-068 JuneJoubert-Photography-069 JuneJoubert-Photography-070 JuneJoubert-Photography-071 JuneJoubert-Photography-072 JuneJoubert-Photography-073 JuneJoubert-Photography-074 JuneJoubert-Photography-075 JuneJoubert-Photography-076 JuneJoubert-Photography-077 JuneJoubert-Photography-078 JuneJoubert-Photography-079 JuneJoubert-Photography-080 JuneJoubert-Photography-081 JuneJoubert-Photography-082 JuneJoubert-Photography-083 JuneJoubert-Photography-084 JuneJoubert-Photography-085 JuneJoubert-Photography-086 JuneJoubert-Photography-087 JuneJoubert-Photography-088 JuneJoubert-Photography-089 JuneJoubert-Photography-090 JuneJoubert-Photography-091 JuneJoubert-Photography-092 JuneJoubert-Photography-093 JuneJoubert-Photography-094 JuneJoubert-Photography-095 JuneJoubert-Photography-096 JuneJoubert-Photography-097 JuneJoubert-Photography-098 JuneJoubert-Photography-099 JuneJoubert-Photography-100 JuneJoubert-Photography-101 JuneJoubert-Photography-102 JuneJoubert-Photography-103 JuneJoubert-Photography-104 JuneJoubert-Photography-105 JuneJoubert-Photography-106 JuneJoubert-Photography-108 JuneJoubert-Photography-109 JuneJoubert-Photography-110 JuneJoubert-Photography-111JuneJoubert-Photography-112JuneJoubert-Photography-113JuneJoubert-Photography-114JuneJoubert-Photography-116JuneJoubert-Photography-117JuneJoubert-Photography-118JuneJoubert-Photography-119JuneJoubert-Photography-120JuneJoubert-Photography-121JuneJoubert-Photography-122JuneJoubert-Photography-123JuneJoubert-Photography-124JuneJoubert-Photography-125 JuneJoubert-Photography-126 JuneJoubert-Photography-127 JuneJoubert-Photography-128 JuneJoubert-Photography-129 JuneJoubert-Photography-130 JuneJoubert-Photography-131 JuneJoubert-Photography-132 JuneJoubert-Photography-133 JuneJoubert-Photography-134 JuneJoubert-Photography-135 JuneJoubert-Photography-136 JuneJoubert-Photography-137 JuneJoubert-Photography-138 JuneJoubert-Photography-139 JuneJoubert-Photography-140 JuneJoubert-Photography-141 JuneJoubert-Photography-142 JuneJoubert-Photography-143 JuneJoubert-Photography-144 JuneJoubert-Photography-145 JuneJoubert-Photography-146 JuneJoubert-Photography-147 JuneJoubert-Photography-148 JuneJoubert-Photography-149 JuneJoubert-Photography-150 JuneJoubert-Photography-151 JuneJoubert-Photography-152 JuneJoubert-Photography-153 JuneJoubert-Photography-154 JuneJoubert-Photography-155

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20 Responses to “Michael & Suzette | Shabach Farm, Hemel en Aarde Valley”

  1. Stunning June!!! Absolutely stunning. Happy to make a cameo appearance again… let’s do it again soon ;)

  2. Mooiste, mooiste foto’s June! Dankie dat die dag vir Suzette en Michael verewig het. Stunning!

  3. Maaaaal moooi, you always take beautiful photos. I’m sure you’ve taken the wedding photos of all the weddings we go to. And these are really one of the best, this couple is so sweet and beautiful. Hope to make the cut of the camera appearance next time

  4. Most beautiful portrait of this glorious day. Well done June!

  5. Mooi mooi mooi :)

  6. Marietjie Mervitz

    Prentjie mooi foto’s, wonderlik om die troue weer so te beleef. Baie dankie June, jy is begaafd met foto’s neem!

  7. Incredibly beautiful June. Jy’s regtig die beste wat daar is. …and spotting Hlengi in wedding photos is like playing Where’s Waldo :-D

  8. Cobus, my camera just loves that beautiful face!!!

  9. Leandri Muller

    Mooiste mooiste foto’s! Wel gedaan June! Jy het die pragtige paartjie so perfek vasgevang.

  10. PRAGTIGE PRAGTIGE foto’s!!! ‘n Prentje mooi troue vasgevang deur ‘n lens soos wat dit was! xxx

  11. nee kyk jy is eens fenomenaal… kannie genoeg kry van jou fotos nie.. en dis amper my beurt!!!!!!
    michael en suzette… baie baie geluk – jaaaare van geluk vir julle twee en God se grootste blessings!!!

  12. Isla & Reitz

    Oh my word!!!!!! Dis vreeslike mooi foto’s! Maar hierdie foto’s is besonders want M&S is soooooo mooi saam en als straal van binne!!!! Julle ek kan nie wag om alles te sien nie. Julle is pragtig!!!!

  13. Ag daar is nie woorde nie,die foto’s is Pragtig June. Kosbare oomblikke so mooi vasgevang vir altyd.

  14. Sien uit Anellie-Bruid!!

  15. Stephan, Sanet, Narisa en Isabelle

    So dankie vir die deel van hierdie ongelooflike foto’s! Hier waar ons in Sydney bly voel dit darem of ons ‘n stukkie van die ongelooflike vreugde van daardie baie spesiale dag kon ervaar… Baie seen vir die nuwe egpaar!! En vir die fotograaf – jou bediening deur die neem van sulke pragite foto’s raak verseker harte en bou herinneringe!

  16. Baie dankie!

  17. Sanel Pieterse

    Sjoe dis pragtige fotos!

  18. Braam Visser

    Mal! Mal! Mal! Amazing fotos. Amazing troue.

  19. Heike Klein

    Stunning stunning stunning!! absolutely stunning :)
    also, enjoyed the comments about Hlengi, hehe ;-)

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