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Johan & Marelie | Engagement Shoot

  Another engagement shoot in Secunda worked out beautifully .. yeah! We were very happy to find this spot not burnt down. Dit was heerlik om vir Johan & Marelie bietjie te leer ken. Their wedding is also just around the corner .. November.  


Abrie & Alecia | Engagement Shoot

  Everything around Secunda burnt a few weeks ago. I actually liked the contrasty lines in the landscape fields. Loved this spot. After walking around a bit, Abrie & Alecia had a picnic in the ruins with pizza, red wine & fairy lights. After having to smile for loads of photos, Abrie (a farm guy) […]


Eugene + Bessieka | Engagement Shoot

  Eugene & Bessieka are getting married in February 2013 .. (: I hope these photos make you even more excited for your special day ahead! ;)                                                         […]


James & Olga | Engagement Shoot

*** WEDDING PHOTOS ON NOW AT ***   I was so excited to do this shoot in my hometown! Wellington is absolutely gorgeous – made me proud. The crisp winter air was beautiful! Yeah for Olga, as she didn’t have to wear her wedding dress that day, but could snuggle into her red jacket – […]


Robert + Tarryn | Engagement Shoot

  I met Robert & Tarryn at the engagement shoot, with their lovely two “daughters”, and although we were chased away from the trainstation .. I thoroughly enjoyed an energetic shoot with the dogs running all around .. I want one too!!! (: Thanks Robert & Tarryn, I look forward to your wedding day!! 16 […]


Pierre-Benn + Nanette | Engagement Shoot

    Oh, I had fun with these two! Just loved the colours & their playfulness. They even asked the builders if we could please take photos inside the “under-construction” building. Just loved it. Loved them! And now I’m so looking forward to their wedding (25 Aug 2012). Couldn’t choose, so I’ve posted almost all […]


Charles + Cornel | Engagement Shoot

I know Cornel’s brother well, and when I heard that it was his sister (Cornel) asking me to do their wedding photos, I was already excited, knowing that we’ll get along well, and they are going to be fun! I met Charles and Cornel about two weeks ago for their engagement shoot – and boy […]


Francois + Bronwyn | Engagement Shoot

  Francois and Bronwyn recently landed from Dubai – and they HAVE been busy! We did their engagement shoot on Monday, and tomorrow is their wedding! (: I hope you get time to see this, and get a little more excited for the real deal … See you soon!  


Sean + Lyndi | Engagement Shoot

Sean and Lyndi’s wedding will be my first of 2012! I met them the other day for their engagement shoot. They met at UCT and have been going out for 9 years! Now it’s time to get married! (: They are beautiful! I love Lyndi’s big green eyes, and Sean’s mark on his one cheek […]


Inus + Chrisna | Engagement Shoot

Chrisna is a very good friend, of a very good friend of mine (: And I actually begged her if I could oneday take her wedding photos – as I just LOVE her red curly hair, with those bright green eyes – and her “Chrisna-lag”.  I am so happy that now she is engaged to […]

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